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Je suis ausi Charlie!

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THAïLANDE • Viol à tous les étages Condamné à la perpétuité pour possession d’héroïne, Gary Jones purge sa peine à Bang Kwang, que les détenus surnomment avec dérision “Bangkok Hilton”. Le Britannique décrit la violence qui y règne.

03.12.2009 | Gary Graeme Jones

This Post is presented both as an experiment and as a very belated thank you toCourrier International (a Paris-based French weekly newspaper which translates and publishes excerpts of articles from over 900 international newspapers).

It also gives me a chance to have a "rant" about the appalling lack of bi-lingual ability on the part of the English! Welsh, Cornish and Scots are daily exposed to variants of Gaellic, but are forced to conduct their affairs in English. Admittedly English is the most widely spoken of the Lingua Francas, and for commerce, disparate nationalities can negotiate relatively e…

Whitemoor; Paul Cryne and Keith Rose

I caution all readers of this blog to acquaint themselves with the alert in the opening paragraphs of the diary entry entitled 28/11/11 - 7/7/12.
Thomas Jefferson.

First a bit of a "rant" telling it how it  is. Perhaps others with blogs have expressed similar views, but the Internet being the vast repository that it is in the 8 weeks that I've been at liberty, ever since HMPPS dumped me on the streets of Southwark with just £46 to my name, destitute, I've not stumbled across those sites yet. Perhaps those of you that are aware of them, can pass me the URL(s)?

Forty years ago, I left these lean and mordant shores as I thought I could see the direction that the country was being railroaded towards. Basically, I "sensed" that the country was heading towards a grey, featureless society where all decisions were decided by (un)civil servants, unelected and of themselves so lacking in charisma that they would be unelectable. Automatons ruling upon the lives of the co…