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A rogues Gallery

One of the 'Cleanest' Kodaks of the "Big Tiger" I have ever come across. Looks almost totally benign, don't it? Weel the following lads, most of whom I associated with between 2002 to 2011. DO NOT think so!

Hi everyone, I've been concerned that many of the Kodaks that have either been sent to me, or, since my being Kicked out of the HMP Prison System, I've managed to find for myself, have either been confiscated by areseholes from the HMP System - principally Shirley Butcher of OMU HMP Dartmoor, or other sundry screws who refuse to accept the truth about; themselves, their Government and the possibility of what I've been saying about life in the Hilton can be documented.

This is an ongoing Blog entry which acts as a repository for imagery I can source. Periodically I'll be adding new images, and including commentary to those Kodaks. You can help me please. If you have kodaks from the Hilton - just Bang Kwang or other Thai prisons that your loved on…