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A death Row Interlude

One of the better descriptions that I've seen regarding "Execution Day" comes from Kay Danes' website FPPS. It was posted anonymously - which, in the case of her site is probably a bloody good idea. If the author, whom I suspect to be a Westerner given the level of English used, would care to identify himself to this blog, then I will willingly give him credit for a succinct piece of prose.
“Most times we did not know when they were coming. Sometimes they would lock us down early but would use an excuse like important visitors were coming into the building. They would tell us that we had nothing to fear and that we should remain calm.
They would always come at 4:30 p.m. and the sound of the steel bars and chains being unlocked and removed from the door would strike fear and terror into the hearts of every man on the Row.
The trouble was that those men who had exhausted all possible avenues of reprieve and were on the ‘Blacklist’ were spread equally amongst each of the …

Repatriation to the UK

I learnt that this entry was marked as a "draft"; i.e. Pending publishing. In all likelihood this may well have been my doing and not that of Wanda and Jake or my Editor emeritus, JCS of Chiang Mai. Being unused to this level of technology I'm bound to drop a few clangers. Whatever the cause, it has now available for scrutiny. The problem being is that it was likely entered at some time around 2012, and we are now in the latter part of 2017. I hope this doesn't cause too much confusion if you are viewing the blog in chronological sequence.
At some stage during their incarceration all Britons will consider whether to repatriate from Thailand back to the UK. After cursory research the majority reject the facility. Those that feel that possibly they have an advantage by doing so formalise their intentions by requesting that Mrs Dufall of the Embassy initiates the request by contacting the National Offender Management Service (NOMS) – a division of the UK Ministry of Ju…

A serendipitous interlude

There are only so many synonyms for the word "Prison", so when inspiration strikes, seize it with both hands. Such a word is Gulag, which is Russian. But, before I could safely season my scripts with it, first I had to check it out in a dictionary.
Being the transliteration (a word written with a foreign alphabet that uses the regular ABC of English to translate), and a foreign word to boot, my Webster's app couldn't find it. Unlike the poor sods still banged up, I had an alternative, Wikipedia. This was that entry:

Gulag (Russian: ГУЛАГ, tr. GULAG; IPA: [ɡʊˈlak]; acronym of Главное управление лагерей, Glavnoye Upravleniye LAGerej, "Main Camps' Administration" or "Chief Administration of Corrective Labor Camps") was the government agency created under Lenin which reached its peak as Soviet forced-labor camp system during Joseph Stalin's rule from the 1930s up until the 1950s. The term is also commonly used to reference any forced-labor cam…

HMP Whitemoor - the first 5 months

I caution all readers of this blog to acquaint themselves with the alert in the opening paragraphs of the diary entry entitled 28/11/11 - 7/7/12.

Continuing til 6/7/12

HMP Whitemoor, Sentence remaining to serve: 29+ years. Years incarcerated to date - 9

After a decidedly one sided meeting with La Jabba (my OS, Sonja Smith) during a panel headed by IT to determine my suitability to be moved  to a Cat B prison rather than being held in a maximum security penitentiary, La Jabba rails to a point approaching inchoherence complete with spittle spraying. Fortunately I am out of range of the misted drool.

What I do gather is that it has taken extreme exception to 2 issues: attempts to engage an independent OASYs assessor, Denise Marshall, via my then solicitor,  Karen Rogers (nee Collis) of Tuckers, and that I've instructed Tuckers to seek a Judicial Review challenging that I'm being inappropriately being classified as a moderately high medium risk prisoner. Judicial Reviews are the …

Diary entry from 28/11/11 to 6/7/12

A salutary caution for those who eschew frank discussion about those placed in authority over us, those that believe public servants are altruistic and beyond reproach, those that would deny others dissenting opinions, those that believe they have a GOD given mandate to dictate how others must comport themselves, those that have never read anything beyond Janet & John (UK) or Fun with Dick and Jane (USA), sod off because this blog will only offend you. 
With the obligatory warning for the pansy-waisted whingers out of the way, I can continue onto the meat course of this blog entry.
With sincerest thanks to Wanda and Jake for first class stewardship of the blog; and many other trying  and testing tasks behind the scenes, I'll start pulling my share of the weight.
First though I must bring you all up to speed regarding my comings and goings of the past 5 years. After a suggestion from John Roberts of inside time;, a chronology of key events seems the best met…

Free at last and Fighting Fit - PBM Actually.

Yes I'm out and free, at long bloody last! No thanks to the majority of the Snr. Management crew at HMP Onley. A more complacent crew of tosspots it was difficult to sink beneath at most of the prisons in the HMP Estate. So there's an entire new complement of anuses upon which to vent my spleen. But don't despair those of you that have grown to hate the former band of incompetents, characters such as Kate "Kuntz" Dufall, Maureen "Moron" McCarthy and the "Dodgy Dispenser from Dacca", Sankar Kumar Biswas to be subjected to the harsh light of truth, and their misdeeds and corruptions will remain as part of my remit.
The new groups are relatively new, but no less corrupt than their FCO counterparts. We have the Odious Odom, whose main concern is ripping off inmate's Postal Orders. An easy task for him as he is in charge of prisoners' money. "Suduko" N'Duka, an Instructional Officer with no less than three PhDs; Engineering, …