Bloody Missionaries

I am an atheist and as such I don’t take too kindly to being hassled by folks whose sole aim is to – at best- feed upon my misfortune to attempt a conversion. At worst, and there are numerous instances of this, they line their own pockets by soliciting funds from real Christians by lying to them that these funds will support prisoners welfare.

My first really bad experience of these evil people was back in ’73 when I was fighting bankruptcy. I was targeted by Jehovah‘s Witnesses and instead of warding off my bankruptcy I was warding of offensive and incessant attempts to convert me.

Since being in here, as with all other inmates, I’ve been the target of innumerable missionaries. Only four Christians have I had any time for; Vernon de Florey-Morris, Reul and Phoebe Lumilang and Sister Christine. Sadly, both Vernon and Christine have passed away and Reul and Phoebe have been moved to another part of Thailand by their church. The others, without fail, have all proved to be concerned with their own agendas which do not match mine.

About a year ago I received what I considered an offensive and insensitive letter from a missionary based in Brisbane Australia. The missionary, Tracey Laing, had sourced my details from a website, Foreign Prisoner Support Service (FPSS), run by another Aussie, Kay Danes. Tracey (male or female, I haven’t a clue), using some incorrect details posted on the FPSS, proceeded to preach at me, in writing, that I should be grateful that I was feeling remorseful for the crime I had committed, as I was now ready to receive Jesus as my saviour. I went ballistic; even if I weren’t innocent, he/she did not consider that they should do more research on my case, Thai Police methods, the Thai Judicial system and Thai Prison conditions before writing to me. Equally I consider that these missionaries would do well to apply some objective research to that book they preach from.

In the way that researching a topic is important, before offering a conclusive opinion upon it is critical, this next point is relevant to this blog (well I think so anyway).

A letter arrived from one of my regular correspondents asking if it was important that people thought me innocent. I took the question within the context that I seemed annoyed that people were assuming my guilt rather than my innocence. My “Anger” with those who say I’m guilty the loudest is because they refuse to bother with examining any of the evidence I try to present in my defence.

For those who have actually bothered - and this is important to me – to both have examined my evidence and then passed it on to others so that they too can examine it, but then still believe in my guilt, I have a deep respect for. I don’t expect others to slavishly accept my innocence or guilt. Everyone must be free to arrive at their own conclusions.

Enough for now. Onwards and upwards

D2 Bang Kwang Prison


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