Parcels to Prisoners in Bang Kwang

There have been a lot of messages and discussion in various locations on the web lately about parcels getting to prisoners in Thai jails. Reports that parcels had been disallowed have abounded on various places and so called official websites

However, I have been regularly receiving parcels sent to me with, apart from one or two issues, all contents totally intact. The original reason given for disallowing parcels was that drugs were being smuggled into the prisons, but its probably more like the Guards and Wardens were seeing a hit in their kickbacks, as they were not selling as much to the inmates

However nice it is to receive goods in the post, getting letters is just as nice. It shows that we haven't been forgotten and strangely it helps on the inside. If we can show the guards that we have friends on the outside we get some measure of protection. It frightens them a little, and the tend to lay off a bit.

If you want to write have a look at and see if anyone catches your eye. Even if all you send is a Postcard with a scenic view anonymously, that would be great.

Sorry for the slow updates, but they dont let us have the Internet in here as you can imagine, so all these messages are sent out and then transcribed.

Be Careful

Gary Jones


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