The FCO and Prisoners Abroad

Those who know me well understand my belief that since 2003 and the stewardship of Pauline Crowe, the Charity Prisoners Abroad (motto – Caring for Britons in overseas jails) is nothing more these days than a wholly owned subsidiary of the United Kingdoms Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO).

Funds are donated for Brits such as Joey, Scotty and I by socially concerned citizens such as Richard Branson and others for the purpose (amongst other things) of motivating Her Majesty's Government (HMG) to protest the appalling and inhumane conditions that its passport holders are incarcerated in.

Instead Sir Richard and the others largesse goes towards Prisoners Abroad's (PA) agenda of suppressing the life threatening risk we take in getting the picture of Thai prison life to you.

A challenge to Ms. Crowe. Name just one campaign that PA has led to improve our conditions!

No surprise then that when my mate (no names, no pack drill) connected me to Joey's Facebook entry I became Pig Biting Mad!! What do we find here but nothing short of a blatant poaching on a website intended for Joey to promote himself in a social setting. We find Joey's mates and supporters were ignominiously trampled on by PA perverting his “site” in a vociferous appeal to extort funds from his supporters – 06/08/2010 at 13:49

Embedded in PA's seizure of the site was news that a “fact-finding” HMG sponsored team was en-route to Bangkok prisons on a mission to encourage to “to tell it like it is” about life in a Thai Death Camp. Also no surprise to me that the PA team lacked the Testicular Fortitude to invite me to participate. Historians will recall a sound bite supposedly from Henry Ford “You can have your Model T any colour you like provided its black”. Ditto then Pauline Crowe and the PA “You can say what you like about Thai prisons provided it doesn't offend either our bosses at the FCO or The Thai Department of Corrections (or Corruptions depending on your point of view).

Out of the purest interest, what other prisoners have had their Facebook entries shanghaied by the PA poachers?

Be Well



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